Aesthetic Dentistry in Esdent Dental Centre

Although restoring the oral function is the primary mission of dentistry, having a beautiful and confident smile is as important as as the function of the teeth. 

In Esdent Dental Centre, we routunely use the latest technology CAD/CAM design & milling systems to manifacture our patients dental works in the shortest time.

• Inlay & Onlay
• Composite Veneers
• Emax Crowns

• Traditional Dental Crown & Bridge
• Zirconia Dental Crown & Bridge
• Laminate Veneers

About Our Services

Our dental team consists of only experienced and keen professionals. Visit Dental Team page to learn more about our Dentists and Doctors.
We follow and use the latest technology in our clinic! Esdent is an independent dental centre, which means we prepare every dental work in our premises. Therefore, we are able to complete our patients trietments in much shorter time.

We offer free airport-hotel-clinic VIP transfers to all our patients. Moreover, we support our patients with their travel expenses. Our quotations include return flights and 5 Star accommodation at the best hotel of Malatya. Therefore, our patient's do not need to worry about any of these. 

Veneers & Crowns

wdt_IDTreatmentPriceGuaranteeTreatment Duration
1Zirconia Crowns£2005 Years5 Days
2E-Max Veneers & Crowns£3505 Years1 Day
3Composite Veneers£1002 Years1 Day
6Porcelain Fused to Metal£1505 Years5 days

Sample Treatment Packages

8 Upper + 8 Lower Zirconia Crown

• Consultation: Free
• X-Rays: Free
• Temporary Crowns: Free
• 16 x Zirconia Crowns: £3,200.00
• Treatment Duration: 4 Days
•Approximate UK Price: £10,000.00

√ Our Price: £3,200.00

6 Laminate Veneers For Single Jaw

• Consultation: Free
• X-Rays: Free
• Temporary Crowns: Free
• 6 x Laminate Veneers: £2,400.00
• Treatment Duration: 1 Day
• Approximate UK Price: £4,200.00

√ Our Price: £2,400.00

Full Mouth PFM Crown

• Consultation: Free
• X-Rays: Free
• Temporary Crowns: Free
• 28 x PFM Crowns: £4,200.00
• Treatment Duration: 5 Days
• Approximate UK Price: £11,200.00

√ Our Price: £4,200.00

Contact us for further information:

 Whatsapp: +447988180559 Telephone: +442033023221

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