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Tooth Removals

Removing All Teeth for Dental Implants

Removing teeth for Dental Implants

Removing Teeth for Dental Implants

Aesthetic or functional, dental problems may become exhausting, upsetting and unbearable. It can be a dental pain caused by a decayed tooth, bad breath caused by a small gap between teeth which gets food stuck, or it can be an un-aesthetic look caused by discolouration or misaligned teeth. Depending on the reason of the problem, most of the times these dental problems can be solved easily with a single root canal treatment, a composite filling or aesthetic dental veneers and crowns. Removing teeth and getting full mouth dental implants in Turkey may sound like a quick solution to your dental problems. However, that’s not the case in modern dentistry.

According to our dental enquiry statistics, considerable amount of people are thinking about having all of their healthy teeth removed and replaced with an implant supported dental bridge made of porcelain fused to metal or zirconia crowns. First of all, we would like to underscore that no dental prosthetics will feel as comfortable and natural as your healthy tooth. Of course, dental implants are the best options for replacing a missing, loose or badly damaged tooth. However, this does not mean that they will be more comfortable than your natural tooth.

Dentists are obliged to obtain the Informed Consent of patients and make sure they understand the treatment outcomes before removing a tooth. Even though it happens rarely, patients can be encouraged for unnecessary tooth removal procedure by dentists, unethically. In this article, we explain whether it is necessary or not to pull out teeth for full mouth dental implants, in order to let patients have a common sense about the procedure. If you’re in doubt of being subject to an unethical dental treatment planning, you should definitely get a second opinion or ask questions to the dentist about the reason of removal.

Tooth removals can be necessary under the following circumstances:

  • Loose tooth, advanced periodontal diseases.
  • Tooth with low lifetime expectancy (Bad prognosis).
  • Tooth with a big decay that extends way below the gum-line.
  • Tooth with a failed root canal treatment.
  • Tooth fracture which involves the roots as well.
  • Pain (Root canal treatment should always be preferred first).
  • Wisdom teeth with decay.
  • Orthodontic reasons, to open space for straightening the teeth.

If not accompanied by one of the reasons above, tooth removal is absolutely unavoidable under the following circumstances:

  • Discolouration (Can be fixed with teeth whitening, dental veneers).
  • Crowding, misaligned teeth (Can be fixed with braces, invisible aligners or dental crowns).
  • Bad Breath (Can be caused by systemic diseases, ill-fitting prosthesis or a decay).
  • Mild to Moderately Decayed tooth (Can be fixed with composite fillings or dental crowns. Root canal treatment may be necessary).
  • Pain & Infection (Can be treated with root canal treatments or fillings).
  • Gingivitis (Can be fixed with maintaining good oral hygiene).

In case you still would like to have your healthy tooth removed for implants, give us one more chance by reading the following list where we will do our best to help you understand the treatment outcomes.

9 reasons why you should not have your healthy teeth removed for Dental Implants:

  1. They are healthy!
  2. If your main concern is aesthetics, you can achieve an absolutely beautiful & aesthetic smile with dental veneers.
  3. Pain, discolouration, decayed tooth and gingivitis can be easily fixed without teeth removal.
  4. Replacing a missing tooth with dental implants is more expensive than saving a tooth.
  5. Root of a natural tooth is surrounded by a tissue called periodontium which connects your teeth with surrounding bone and soft tissues. Dental implants fuse with jaw-bone directly, without formation of periodontium. Therefore, the feeling is a bit different than a natural tooth when biting something.
  6. Periodontium has a big role on bone nutrition. Therefore, when you have a tooth removed, the bone in the subject are will start to recede within a couple of years.
  7. Dental Implants are not ‘Place and forget’ procedures. You will need to look after them and maintain good oral hygiene as well.
  8. Just like natural teeth, dental implants can suffer from Peri-Implantitis which means the infection of implant-surrounding tissues.
  9. Dentists do not place an implant for each tooth. Fixed full mouth implant supported prosthetics can be done with as little as 4 implants, which is called All-on-4 concept. With this concept, the size of the denture and the pressure points on jawbone may not feel natural.

In a nutshell, tooth removal can be necessary under certain circumstances. It is a non-reversible procedure that should be deem suitable by a dentist and performed under patient’s informed consent. Therefore, patients must acknowledge the reasons, outcomes and replacement options of a tooth removal before the procedure. If you would like to find out about your treatment options for your dental problems, get in touch with our dentists directly for a free online consultation at no extra cost.

PRGF Before


Peri-Implantitis Treatment in Turkey

Implant dentistry is not all about placing implants to patients jawbone and forgetting them forever. Dental implants require good oral hygiene and regular follow-ups to check if there is any infection or resorption of the jawbone. Peri-Implantitis can be a very unpleasant condition. However, it is possible to stop bone loss and also regenerate the lost bone structure around failing dental implants. In this post, we will go through the available options to save implants that are at the early&mid stages of peri-implantitis.


Same Day Dental Implants in Turkey

According to our international patients, one of the biggest considerations before travelling abroad for Dental Implants is the duration of the treatment. Did you know that it is possible to have same day Dental Implants in Turkey dental clinics for up to 75% less than in the UK?

Single Dental Implant

Dental Implant Costs in Turkey

How much does a dental implant cost in Turkey?

Dental implants are the best alternative to our natural teeth. They are placed in the jaw bone and they replace the root of either a single tooth or multiple teeth. Dental implants have more advantages than other treatment types and have a very high success rate.


Benefits of Travelling to Turkey for Dental Implants

Can you really save thousands by travelling to Turkey for Dental Implants?

Since you are reading this article, you probably already know that Turkey is a popular destination for dental implant treatments. There are a couple of points to consider when planning a dental holiday for dental implants in Turkey; treatment duration, flight tickets, accommodation, airport, hotel, clinic transfers and more. In this article we will explain these expenses for you. But, can you really reduce your treatment expenses by having dental implants in Turkey after adding the costs of flight tickets and hotel?
Well, our answer would be YES.


What is a Dental Implant?

Dental implants are the most favourable treatment options for replacing missing teeth. A dental implant is a screw which is made of titanium to replace the root of a tooth. In dentistry, dental implants are used to replace both, a single tooth or multiple teeth.

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