Dental Implants in Turkey

Dental Implant prices might be too extortionate to consider in the UK . Don't let this prevent you from having the comfort of a long lasting solution for your missing teeth!

As Esdent, we are ready to help you to gain your oral health and aesthetics back. Our head doctor Kemal Kutluturk has 30 years of experience in dentistry and 17 years of experience in implant dentistry. Him and his experienced team places tens of dental implants every month successfully.

Don't let the extortionate implant prices stop you from having the comfort of a long lasting solution for your missing teeth.
By travelling to Turkey for dental implants, you will save at least 50% of your dental treatment fees.
Even after adding the round trip flight tickets!

Experienced Team

√ Highly experienced dental team.

√ Tens of Dental Implant procedures every month.

√ High success rate on complicated cases.

√ Enthusiastic dentists who closely follow developments in Implant Dentistry.

Advanced Implant Procedures

Have you been told that your case is complicated?
Our expert dentists perform Advanced Dental Implant Procedures such as;
• Bone Grafting
• Sinus Lifting
• Bone Expanding
• Immediate Implant Loading

Fast Results

• We offer free temporary dentures / crowns to all our patients.

• If your bone is suitable for immediate loading over your implants, we will provide you with temporary teeth within one day.

• Fast results via CAD/CAM technology

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Continue reading to learn more about dental implant procedures

What Is A Dental Implant?

Dental Implants are the most consistent treatment options to replace missing teeth. They are made of titanium and are bio-compatible. They are placed in the jaw bone in order to be used as a core, which will be covered with crown or dentures later.

What are the parts of a Dental Implant?

A dental Implant consist of two main parts and an artificial tooth. These parts are called body and abutment of the dental implant.

Body: Body is the main part of a dental implant which will be placed inside the jawbone. Implant body fuses with jaw bone and carries abutment.
Abutment: Abutment is the part that is fitted to the implant body. This can be considered as a connector between implant body and the crown / denture.
Artificial Tooth: This is the only visible part of dental implant. It is screwed or cemented to the implant abutment.

Is It A Painful Procedure?

Dental Implant procedures are performed under local anaesthesia. After the jaw gets numb, patients will not feel any pain during the procedure.

When patients go back to their hotels after the procedure, they don't feel any post-op pain in most of the cases.

How Long Does The Surgery Take?

Single Dental Implant placement takes approximately 15-20 minutes after the anaesthesia.
Full Mouth Dental Implants surgery may take up to 2 hours.

single dental implant

How Long Does It Take For An Implant To Fuse With Jaw Bone?

Average time required for fusion between a dental implant and the jaw bone is approximately 3 months. However, if the jaw bone quality is good, we fit the dentures & crowns within the first visit. This is a common procedure that we successfully perform on our patients who has healthy jaw bone. 
Fusion time may be effected by the medical conditions and the technology used in the surface of the implant which will be placed. The fusion time might be increased especially in patients with diabetes.
There are different techniques such as PRGF which we commonly use for many cases in order to decrease the fusion time and improve the bone formation in the implantation area.

How Many Times Do I need to Visit Turkey?

You might need to visit Turkey once or twice. This depends on your jawbone quality and number of dental implants.
• We are able to complete the whole process in a single visit. This procedure is called immediate loading. If our dentists finds it appropriate, we aim to complete the whole treatment in a single visit.
• If you need to visit us twice, we won't leave you with no teeth. We provide free immediate temporary dentures on the next day of the surgery. On your next visit which should be done at least 3 months after the first visit, we will remove these temporary dentures and place the new bridge. Second visit can be finished in 4 days.

For How Long Should I Stay in Turkey?

We advise our patients to stay 8 to 10 days for multiple dental implant placements. However, depending on the condition of jawbone, this can be less.
Once we prepare a treatment plan to our patients, we will give details about the necessary length of stay.

A single dental implant surgery takes approximately 15 to 20 minutes. Full mouth Implant surgeries my take up to 2 hours.

Same Day Dental Implants

As Esdent Dental Centre, we provide same day dental implants to our patients quite often. Once we place your implants, we take impressions in the same session and start preparing your teeth in our dental laboratory.
Our in-house dental lab finishes the work in 24 hours and your dentures will be fit within 24 hours of the implant surgery.
For more information about same day dental implants, read our blog post here.

Will I Have Swelling On My Face?

It is hard to say yes or no to this question. After complicated surgical procedures and multiple implant placements, it is possible to have facial swelling for a couple of days. This also depends on the habits and medical conditions of a patient.
A big percentage of our patients reported that there was no swelling or post-op pain at all after the surgery.

Dental Implant Brands

Esdent Dental Centre in Turkey provides different implant brand options to our patients. Available options include:






Feel free to ask us about any other brand that you would prefer.

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