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Finding a Dental Clinic Abroad

Either for medical or cosmetic reasons, millions of people are travelling abroad for various healthcare procedures. Clinics and hospitals abroad are much more accessible than it has ever been before and this has lead to a big acceleration in health tourism industry. There are so many well marketed hospitals and clinics abroad on the internet, and before you confuse yourself with the available options, lets find out how to find a dental clinic abroad to travel without hesitation.


Same Day Dental Implants in Turkey

Do you have missing or loose teeth? Are Dental Implant costs too high to afford for you in your country? Do you enjoy short trips to other countries? If your answer is ‘yes‘ to these questions, then there is a solution which is a perfect-fit for you. Did you know that it is possible to have same day Dental Implants in Turkey dental clinics for up to 75% less than in the UK?

Single Dental Implant Turkey

Dental Implant

As we’ve spoken to our patients, we have found out that one of the biggest considerations before travelling abroad for Dental Implants is the length of the treatment. The time required for Dental Implants in Turkey starts from 1 day and goes up to 6 months.


Is it worth travelling to Turkey for having dental implants?

How sensible is it to have dental implants in Turkey?

Since you are reading this article, you probably already know that Turkey is a popular destination for dental implant treatments; but does it really make sense to travel all that way? Can you really reduce your treatment expenses by having dental implants in Turkey after adding the costs of flight tickets and hotel?
Well, our answer would be YES to both of these questions.

Dental Implant in Turkey

Why are Dental Implants more affordable in Dental Clinics in Turkey?


6 Reasons to Choose Turkey for Dental Holiday

Dental Holiday In Turkey

The amount of people that consider Dental Treatment Abroad is increasing rapidly. As travelling became easier, patients started choosing overseas clinics to have their dental treatment, hair transplant and plastic surgery operations at a fraction of the average UK price.

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Fast dental crown & bridge via CAD/CAM technology!

How many days do I need to give for my dental treatment?

This is one of the most common questions that a patient concerns before travelling to another country for dental treatment. While some treatments can be finished in an hour, some may take days, weeks or even months.


Why dental treatment fees are much cheaper in Turkey than in the UK?

Dental treatment abroad

Dental treatment costs can be really high to afford in the UK. Even if you go to NHS clinics instead of private, you still might pay astronomical amounts for your treatment. This situation in the UK has got various reasons behind it like high lab prices, extremely expensive insurance costs, high wedges, high demand etc.

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