Finding a Dental Clinic Abroad

Either for medical or cosmetic reasons, millions of people are travelling abroad for various healthcare procedures. Clinics and hospitals abroad are much more accessible than it has ever been before and this has lead to a big acceleration in health tourism industry. There are so many well marketed hospitals and clinics abroad on the internet, and before you confuse yourself with the available options, lets find out how to find a dental clinic abroad to travel without hesitation.

In this article, we will guide you on how to find a Dental Clinic Abroad.

Dental Tourism

dental clinic abroad

Dental Tourism

Every year millions of people are travelling abroad for dental treatment procedures. Most popular dental treatments preferred by patients in dental clinics abroad are including but not limited to Aesthetic Veneers and Crowns (Zirconia and E-max), Full Smile Makeover, Teeth Whitening (Bleaching), Dental Implant procedures (Including the Advanced Surgical Treatments), Full Mouth Rehabilitation, Composite Veneers etc.

Patients may pay up to 75% less when they travel to Dental Clinics Abroad from West European countries. Moreover, patients can receive a treatment above the world standards for this low costs in certain countries. We will go through these popular dental tourism destinations later in this article.

There are some types of dental treatments which dental tourists should avoid having them abroad. For example, Orthodontic Treatment (Braces) requires multiple visits to an orthodontist. It might be very tiring, expensive and time-consuming to travel abroad every month to see your dentist in order to make some alignments. Therefore, it is better to have an orthodontic treatment in your hometown instead of travelling to a dental clinic abroad.

Another example for this is a Removable Denture. This treatment does not require visits to a dentist as many as an Orthodontic Treatment do. However, removable dentures will start becoming ill-fitting after a while. It’s not a complicated procedure to fit them back, however you need to make sure that you will be able to find someone to provide aftercare back in your hometown.

Things to Consider Before Searching For Dental Clinics Abroad

Since you are reading this page, it is very likely that you have already begun searching about dental clinics abroad. Before getting in touch with a dental clinic abroad, there are some steps to follow which will help you to give and get more accurate information.

  1. Obtaining an X-Ray:

    A Dental Panoramic X-Ray will help your dentist to understand your treatment needs. While the photos of your teeth shows only the information about the visible parts of your teeth,  a dental X-ray will give the most detailed information.
    Do you have your Dental X-Ray already? If not, its better to get one because any dentist abroad you contact to will ask for your X-Ray to give you an accurate treatment plan.

  2. Deciding on the Destination Country:

    While Turkey is one of the most popular destinations, Cyprus, Hungary, India, Poland, Czech Republic dental clinics are other popular alternatives for dental tourists. Narrowing your destination country options for dental treatment abroad will make things much easier.
    Wherever you go, you will find a good dentist after a good research. Also, there are agencies that can provide detailed information about dental clinics abroad.

  3. Purpose of Your Journey:

    Are you travelling abroad only for dental treatment? Or are you going with your companions to have a holiday in a touristic area while you are having your dental treatment abroad? Dental clinics abroad may have different offers for each cities. Dental clinics located in less touristic area may provide same or additional services for lower costs. They may provide a 5* accommodation for free depending on your treatment needs. Ask your dental clinic to learn more about their additional offers.

  4. Dates You Are Planning to Travel:

    Letting your dentist abroad know about the dates that you’re planning to travel will make things faster and more smooth. If your accommodation or flight tickets are going to be provided by the dental clinic abroad, they will ask for your planned travel time to arrange your bookings.

Things to Consider During Search for Dental Clinics Abroad

So, you have completed the above steps and you are ready to search for dental clinics abroad. What qualities should you look for while choosing your dental clinic abroad?

  1. Know Your Dentist

    dental treatment sedation turkeyThis is the most important rule to consider while searching for dentists abroad. You may find very well marketed overseas dental clinics or hospitals. Once you receive a treatment plan from your dentist abroad, we would strongly recommend to get some information about the dentist. This may include,
    • Having an online conversation with your dentist directly,
    • Asking for previous work done by them,
    • Questions related to the treatment plan,
    How often they perform this procedure etc.

  2. Availibility of Aftercare (Will be available for Esdent patients in April 2019)

    This is the second important rule of dental tourism. So, let’s assume you travelled to X country Aesthetic Crowns and got back to your hometown. After a year, one of your crowns got chipped. What will you do? Will you go back to the X country again for a small fix? That doesn’t sound like it is gonna work.
    Instead of travelling to another country for a small work, your clinic may refer you to a partner dentist in your hometown to have a solution for your problem. Dental Clinics abroad may have different agreements with a Dental Clinic in your home country. Either a full amount of the whole aftercare procedure or some discounts might be offered by your local dentist.

  3. Treatment Duration

    Cad/Cam roomThe treatment duration in dental clinics abroad may vary. For example, while a dental clinic completes full zirconia smile makeover treatment in 10 days, another dental clinic may complete the same treatment in 3 days with the use of CAD/CAM devices.
    Moreover, E-Max crowns & veneers can be finished in a single day with CAD/CAM technology.
    Once a dentist abroad see your X-rays and provide a treatment plan, they will also be able to give an approximate treatment duration. Of course, there may be little complications which might extend the treatment duration. But that happens only in extraordinary conditions.

  4. Language & Communication

    You would want to be able to communicate with your dentist right? Not all dentists abroad speak multiple languages. When you contact a dental clinic abroad, do not forget to ask about the languages spoken in the premises. Even if they can not speak your language, they can book an interpreter for your appointments.

  5. Overseas Representatives & Agencies

    An overseas representative of the dental clinic abroad will be of great help. A face-to-face meeting with an agent, representative or the dentist before making the bookings will make things more clear. For example, you may have 2 different treatment plans for your teeth. It might cause misunderstandings to speak about these over the phone. On a face-to-face meeting with one of these representatives, you may be able discuss your dental journey with much more details. The representatives may use different methods to explain the procedure to you, such as explaining the options on your X-Ray or showing their previous work of the same treatment procedure of a previous patient.

    Moreover, if you have any problem with the treatment performed in a dental clinic abroad, these representatives can support you through the steps to follow.

  6. Treatment Guarantee

    Dental Clinics Abroad usually offer guarantee for a certain period of time. The duration of guarantee may vary from treatment to treatment. It will be beneficial to ask your dentist abroad for the guarantee durations and conditions.

  7. Medical Travel Insurance

    There are new companies emerging which are offering Medical Travel Insurance. Medical travel insurances will help patients to feel safe to travel abroad for having dental treatment. Dental clinics abroad may include the medical travel insurance to the treatment package total cost. We would strongly recommend patients to get themselves covered by a medical travel insurance if they are not sure about where they are going.

You Are Ready to Begin Searching!

These are the main points that dental tourists should consider. We suggest patients to get as much information as they can about the dental clinic abroad which they have the intention to go. Do you still have questions? Simply ask us below on the comments section!

Last Updated: 22/07/2019

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