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Our prices for dental treatment in Turkey are as seen below and there is no hidden fee.
All treatments performed in our clinics are under guarantee of Esdent Dental Centre for different periods. 
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Dental Implants

No Hidden Fees. Prices include abutments.

Starting From


Advanced Implant Procedures

Sinus Lifting (Including Bone Graft)

£400 - £600

Alveolar Split Osteotomy (For narrow dental arches, including graft material)


Sedation & General Anaesthesia



General Anaesthesia


Crown & Bridge

Zirconia Crown


Laminate Veneers (Emax)


Porcelain (Fused to Metal)


Zirconia Inlay & Onlay


Emax Inlay & Onlay


Restorative & Endodontic Procedures

Composite (White) Fillings


Anterior Aesthetic Composite Filling


Direct Composite Laminate Veneers


Root Canal Treatment

£90 - £150

Cosmetic Procedures

Gingivoplasty (Per Tooth)


Gummy Smile Treatment (with Botox)


Teeth Whitening (Office Bleaching)


Tooth Extractions

Simple Extraction


Impacted Tooth Extraction


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