Price List

All treatments performed in our clinics are under guarantee of Esdent Dental Centre for different periods.

General Procedures

wdt_IDTreatmentTreatment DurationTreatment CostInformation
1ExaminationN/AFreeFree online consultation and clinical examination
2Panoramic X-RayN/AFree
3Teeth Whitening (Office Bleaching)1 hour£200Includes both jaws
4SedationUp to 2 Hours£150Accompanied by anaesthetics specialists
5General AnaesthesiaUp to 2 Hours£200Accompanied by anaesthetics specialists
7Gummy Smile Treatment1 Hour£120With injectables and gingivoplasty
8Tooth ExtractionN/A£25

Restorative & Endodontics Price List

1Composite Filling (Small)£402 YearsTokuyama Composite Fillings
2Composite Fillings (Medium)£502 YearsTokuyama Composite Fillings
3Composite Filling (Large)£602 YearsTokuyama Composite Fillings
4Inlay & Onlay (Zirconia)£1756 YearsCompleted in 3 days
5Inlay & Onlay (E-Max)£2256 YearsCompleted the same day
6Root Canal Treatment (Anterior & Premolars)£1002 YearsFront and Premolars
7Root Canal Treatment (Molar)£1502 YearsMolar Tooth

Veneers & Crowns

wdt_IDTreatmentPriceGuaranteeTreatment Duration
1Zirconia Crowns£1756 Years5 Days
2E-Max Veneers & Crowns£2256 Years1 Day
3Composite Veneers£902 Years1 Day
6Porcelain Fused to Metal£1406 Years5 days

Dental Implants & Surgery Price List

wdt_IDTreatmentPriceGuaranteeDurationAdditional Information
1Dental Implants (NucleOss)£40010 Years1 weekIncluding Abutment
2Dental Implant (BTI)£70010 years1 weekIncluding Abutment
3Sinus Lifting£500N/A1 HourBone Grafts Included
4Alveolar Split Osteotomy£500N/A1 HourBone Grafts Included
5Gingivoplasty£30 (Per Tooth)2 YearsUp to 1 HourWith Diode Laser
6Gummy Smile Treatment£120N/AUp to 1 HourIncludes Injections and Gingivoplasty

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