Smile Makeover in Turkey

Beauty is power; a smile is it’s sword. Having a charming smile gives you more than just good looks. It is what captivates people, earns their trust and shows your confidence. While it is true that there’s more important things in life than a nice smile, it’s a great place to start!

Are you considering the alternative options to UK dentists in order to have your smile improved? In just 4 days, a world-class Smile Makeover in Turkey can be completed, for 75% less than in the UK.

What is Smile Makeover?

Having a ‘Smile Makeover’ does not mean just getting Veneers or Crowns. A Smile Makeover is a combination of multiple dental procedures performed by Dental Professionals to create a perfect smile, including but not limited to;

Case 1: Top Jaw Smile Makeover by Dr. Mert Can Kutlutürk


•Dental Veneers

•Dental Crowns

•Composite Veneers

•Teeth Whitening

•Botox&Dermal Fillers

Once your teeth are examined by your dentist for a smile makeover, you will receive a treatment plan depending on your dental treatment needs. Patients may require only one or a combination of 2 or more aesthetic and surgical dental procedures listed above.

There might be various reasons for necessity of a Smile Makeover procedure, such as;


•Misplaced Teeth

•Gummy Smile

•Fractured/Chipped teeth

•Gap between teeth


How many teeth should be included for a Full Smile makeover?

Case 2: Full Smile Makeover by Dr. Mert Can Kutlutürk

There is no minimum or maximum numbers of teeth for a smile makeover procedure. Once your dentist find it appropriate, 8 to 10 of front teeth of a single jaw or 16 to 20 of front teeth of both jaws can be included in a smile makeover.

The number of teeth required for a full smile makeover depends on the condition of teeth (Such as; colour, decay, fractures, missing teeth, positioning etc), as well as lips, gums and smile line.

Pearl White, Or Natural Looking Teeth?

Preparing pearl white teeth for smile makeover is an easy procedure. But, is it really what you want?

It is important to think over the color of new teeth before jumping on Pearl White option. It may sound great to get a pearl white smile. However, it is better to evaluate the color of the new teeth carefully with your dentist instead of choosing the whitest tooth shades. The pearl white teeth color shades may look unnatural on some peoples face.

How Long Does it Take to Have a Full Smile Makeover in Turkey?

The average treatment duration for a full smile makeover in Turkey is approximately 10 days. However, in dental clinics equipped with 3D design and milling technology, this can be completed within as little as 3 days.

In Esdent Dental Centre, we recommend that our patients stay 1 or 2 extra nights after smile makeover in Turkey, to allow them to get used to their new teeth and make adjustments if and where necessary. Therefore, 5 nights in Turkey would be ideal for a full smile makeover.

How Much Does Full Smile Makeover in Turkey Cost in 2019?

The costs may vary for each individual depending on the required procedures and number of teeth included in the treatment plan. In Esdent Dental Centre in Turkey, a single jaw smile makeover procedure with 8 Zirconia Teeth would cost approximately £1400 including 5* hotel and private airport-hotel-clinic transfers. Depending on additional treatments (such as gingivoplasty, sedation, general anaesthesia, teeth whitening, root canal treatments) prices may vary.

After our expert dentists examine your photos and x-rays, they will give you an accurate treatment plan with costs including 5 star accommodation and private car transfers.

Why should you chose Esdent Dental Centre for Smile Makeover in Turkey?

Surgery room during a treatment under sedation
  1. No waiting list. As Esdent Dental Centre, we understand that our international patients might have limited time. Therefore, all our international patients will benefit from prioritised appointments.
  2. Highly experienced English speaking team. Our keen dentists are following improvements in dentistry with a magnifying glass. Esdent Dental Centre consists of highly experienced Dental professionals.
  3. We use the latest technology in our clinics. Your teeth will be prepared in our in-house Dental Lab equipped with 3D Design and Milling Systems. You are more than welcome to watch and share your opinions while we are designing your teeth.
  4. Treatment under Sedation or General Anaesthesia. Our team also consists of an Anaesthetics Specialist, who will be joining to the appointments of those who would prefer to be treated while sleeping.
  5. You are in safe hands! We will arrange everything for you; Luxury 5* Accommodation, VIP airport-hotel-clinic transfers will be sorted out by our international team.


Last Updated: 22/07/2019

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