Aesthetic Veneers and Crowns in Turkey

Although restoring the oral function is the primary mission of dentistry, having a beautiful and confident smile is as important as as the function of the teeth.

In Esdent Dental Centre, we routunely use the latest technology CAD/CAM design & milling systems to manifacture our patients dental works in the shortest time.

• Inlay & Onlay
• Composite Veneers
• Emax Crowns
• Traditional Dental Crown & Bridge
• Zirconia Dental Crown & Bridge
• Laminate Veneers

Free 5 Star Hotel & Private Transfers

Aesthetic Dental procedures with free 5 star accommodation and private car transfersOur quotations include 5 Star accommodation at the best hotel of Malatya and airport-hotel-clinic private car transfers. Therefore, our patient's do not need to worry about any of these.

We follow and use the latest technology in our clinic! Esdent is an independent dental centre, which means we prepare every dental work in our premises. Therefore, we are able to complete our patients trietments in much shorter time.


Zirconia Crowns in Turkey

Zirconia Crowns are one of the most aesthetic crown options. We use multi-layered zirconia blocks on our 3D CAD/CAM milling system and getting perfect results! Read our blog post for more information about dental crown options.

• Usage: Front and Back Teeth, Single Implant Procedures.
• Treatment Duration: 5 Days
• UK Price For A Single Zirconia Crown: £600
• Our Price For A Single Zirconia Crown: £175
• Guarantee: 6 Years

Emax Crowns Turkey

E-Max Crowns in Turkey

E-Max Crowns give excellent aesthetic results. The whole procedure including teeth preparation and fitting of the crown can be finished in the same day.

• Usage: Front Teeth
• Treatment Duration: 1 Day
• Uk Price For A Single E-Max Crown: £700
• Our Price For A Single E-Max Crown: £225
• Guarantee: 6 Years

Dental Veneer and prepared tooth in Turkey - min

E-max Veneers in Turkey

Laminate Veneers are the best options for covering the discolourations or misshapen morphologies on front teeth. They require the least amount of tooth preparation. Therefore, laminate veneers can be considered as the most conservative approach for covering the anomalies on front teeth. They are prepared in 3D milling systems in a couple of hours and can be fitted in the same day.

•Usage: Front Teeth
•Treatment Duration: 1 Day
•UK Price For A Single Laminate Veneer: £700
•Our Price For A Single Laminate Veneer: £225
•Guarantee: 6 Years


Composite Veneers do not require any lab work and can be completed on chair-side in a single visit. Composite veneers require high quality composite fillings which are especially designed for this procedure. Most of the time, it will not be necessary to do any preparation on the teeth. After the etching stage, composite is applied on surface of the tooth. 
Although this procedure gives excellent result for much lower costs and it does not require tooth preparation, composite veneers are less resilient in long term. 
• Usage: Front Teeth
• Treatment Duration: 30 minutes to 1.5 Hours.
• UK Price For A Single Composite Veneer: Starts From £300
• Our Price For A Single Composite Veneer: £90
• Guarantee: 2 Years

Dental Veneer Types

Inlay & Onlay Restorations

Inlay and Onlay restorations became more popular in contemporary dentistry. After the removal of decay or root canal treatment of the tooth is done, impression is taken and the restoration is prepared in our dental laboratory. Therefore, time spent on the chair-side is reduced by half. 
We provide onlay restoration to our patients routinely, especially when the tooth is weakened after the root canal treatment.

• Usage: Back Teeth
• Treatment Duration: 1 Day or 2 Days.
• UK Price For A Single Inlay or Onlay: £700
• Our Price For A Single Inlay or Onlay: Zirconia £175, Emax £225
• Guarantee: 6 Years

composite fillings

Dental Composite Fillings

Composite fillings proedure is completed in one single session and we only use high quality composite filling brands in our dental clinic. 

• Usage: Any teeth on the mouth.
• Treatment Duration: 20 to 30 minutes for each filling.
• UK Price For A Single Composite Filling: £60 to £250
• Our Price For A Single Composite Filling: £40 to £50
• Guarantee: 2 Years

porcelain with metal veneers

Traditional crowns are also called PFM (Porcelain Fused to Metal Crowns). These crowns have dark metal layer as a base under the porcelain.
PFM crowns looks natural, but not as aesthetic as other options.

• Usage: Implant Supported Bridges and Back Teeth.
• Treatment Duration: 3 Days
• UK Price for a single PFM Crown: £400
• Our Price for a single PFM Crown: £140
• Guarantee: 6 Years


Esdent is a well-established family-run dental centre located in Malatya, Turkey. We have been providing high quality dental care in every aspect of dentistry to local and international patients since 2007. Founders of Esdent, Dr. Kemal Kutluturk and Dr. Mert Can Kutluturk have established a highly reputable dental clinic that prides itself on delivering only the best results with a focus on great patient care and satisfaction. Our mission is to provide a contemporary, ethical and transparent service to our patients. For us, this means; providing a warm and welcoming environment for all our patients, practising outstanding hygiene and offering affordable dental care with concise, honest and practical advice and aftercare without any hidden fees.

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Veneers & Crowns

wdt_IDTreatmentPriceGuaranteeTreatment Duration
1Zirconia Crowns£1756 Years5 Days
2E-Max Veneers & Crowns£2256 Years1 Day
3Composite Veneers£902 Years1 Day
6Porcelain Fused to Metal£1406 Years5 days
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