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A dental implant is a bio-compatible screw which replicates the root a tooth. They are placed inside the jawbone of patients with a minor surgery under local anaesthesia in order to replace missing teeth or badly damaged teeth. Although dental implants became popular in the last 20 years, in modern dentistry, dental implants has been used since 1965.
Titanium is the most commonly used dental implant material. However, there are other types of dental implants available such as Zirconium Dental Implants. However, zirconia dental implants are relatively new in dentistry and does not have enough studies and long term results as much as titanium implants does.

Dental implants are used for replacing missing, loose or badly damaged teeth. They provide a great long-term solution for complete or partial edentulous jaws. Dental implants restores both functions and aesthetics as a single crown or an implant supported bridge.

We receive the enquiry of 'remove all my teeth and replace with implants' quite often. However, we would like our readers/patients to understand that removing a tooth with good/healthy bone support just for aesthetic reasons or pain is a quite unnecessary and bad idea.

Every patient's jaw is different and there is no standardised treatment duration for dental implants in Turkey. Dental Implant procedures can be completed in a single visit to Turkey or may require multiple visits with at least 3 months intervals. If treatment will be completed in a single visit, we usually need approximately 10 days. For multiple visit cases including full mouth implants, the first visit to Turkey can be completed in as short as 2 days.

Even though we place the implants and provide a temporary denture on the next day, we recommend our patients to stay for a few days extra instead of travelling back to their countries straight-away. Our patients should not worry about the costs of extra days in the hotel since 5 star accommodation and private car transfers are our complimentary services.

Our dentists consider many factors when planning dental implant visits, including but not limited to;

•Bone Quality
•Number of Implants
•Single Jaw or Double Jaw
•Systemic Diseases (Diabetes, Bone diseases, Heart Conditions and more)
•Primary stability of implants
•Advanced Implant Procedures

An example of visit plans for full mouth dental implants in Turkey, when there is no systemic disease and average bone quality:

•First Visit (6 Days): Implants + Temporary Denture (if applicable)
•Second Visit (8 Days): 3 Months after the first visit. Permanent bridge will be provided in this visit.

Custom treatment plans will be provided by our dentists after an online consultation during the quotation stage.

There are multiple full mouth rehabilitation concepts with dental implants such as All-On-4, All-on-6 and All-On-8 dental implant concepts. The numbers indicate the number of dental implants used per jaw. For example, if someone is having all-on-4 implants for both jaws, 8 implants will be used.

Each implant patient is a unique case and there are no rules of a certain number of implants to place in implant dentistry at the moment. Dentists evaluate many factors during the implant planning process, including but not limited to bone quality and systemic diseases. Therefore, all full mouth dental implant concepts are acceptable.

Full jaw dental bridge supported by all on 4 dental implantsAll-On-4 concept is an affordable alternative to other full mouth implant options. In this concept, a full mouth denture or a fixed bridge is supported with 4 implants placed in the jawbone. All-on-4 concept also allows dentists and patients to avoid advanced implant procedures such as sinus floor lifting, inferior alveolar nerve lateralisation and bone expansion osteotomy.

All-On-4 Dental Implant costs range between £2500 (Acrylic Denture) and £4000 (PFM Bridge) in Turkey for a single jaw. Even though acrylic dentures over implants may sound like a good deal, they are not as comfortable, strong, hygienic and aesthetic as other options. In Esdent Dental Centre Turkey, we provide acrylic dentures as temporary dentures at no extra cost to our patients for the waiting period.

Full jaw dental bridge supported by all-on-6All-On-6 is a full mouth dental implant concept which consists of a fixed bridge supported by 6 dental implants placed in a single jaw. In this concept, each implant is exposed to less amount of occlusal stresses caused by chewing and grinding compared to all-on-4 concept. Depending on the locations of the implants, advanced dental implant procedures may be necessary for this concept.

All-On-6 Dental Implant costs range between £4800 (PFM Bridge) and £5500 (Zirconia Bridge) in Turkey for a single jaw. In Esdent Dental Cenre, single jaw All-on-6 Dental Implants procedure costs £4840 including 14 Unit PFM Bridge, Implant Abutments, 5 star accommodation and VIP Transfers for both visits and Temporary dentures. We provide the temporary dentures on the next day of the implant surgery.

Single tooth replacement with dental implantReplacing a single missing tooth with a dental implant instead of a dental bridge has many benefits. When replacing a missing tooth with a dental bridge, the front and back tooth of the missing tooth needs to be drilled to function as a bridge abutment. This is pretty acceptible when the 'abutment' teeth are already damaged. However, when the teeth adjacent to the missing tooth are completely healthy, the bridge option will be unnecesarily invasive. In this case, the missing tooth can be restored with a single dental implant without any damamge to the adjacent teeth.

In addition to being more conservative than other options, a single dental implant option will cost almost the same as a 3 unit dental bridge.

Price comparison of options for replacing a single missing tooth:
•Dental Bridge: 3 Unit Zirconia Bridge Cost: £585
•Implant Option: 1 Dental Implant + 1 Zirconia Crown including abutment: £640

Dental Implant Supported 3 Unit BridgeWe would like to emphasize that when replacing multiple consecutive missing teeth in a row, number of dental implants to be used can be less than the number of missing teeth. For example, 3 missing teeth can be replaced with a 3 unit dental bridge supported by 2 dental implants. Ideally, a maximum of 4 unit dental bridge should be supported by 2 dental implants. The number of implants required for the procedure will be told by our dentists during the online consultation.

Example Dental Implant package for replacing multiple missing teeth:
•3 Missing Teeth in a row: 2 Dental Implants + 3 Unit PFM Bridge: £1355

Single Dental Implant

Dental Implants in Esdent Dental Centre

Dental Implants are the most reliable treatment options to replace missing teeth. They are made of titanium and are bio-compatible. They are placed in the jaw bone in order to be used as a core, which will be covered with crown or dentures later.

Parts of a Dental Implant

A dental Implant consist of two main parts and an artificial tooth. These parts are called body and abutment of the dental implant. Body: Body is the main part of a dental implant which will be placed inside the jawbone. Implant body fuses with jaw bone and carries abutment. Abutment: Abutment is the part that is fitted to the implant body. This can be considered as a connector between implant body and the crown / denture. Artificial Tooth: This is the only visible part of dental implant. It is screwed or cemented to the implant abutment.

Does It Hurt During The Implant Surgery?

Dental Implant procedures are performed under local anaesthesia. After the jaw gets numb, patients will not feel any pain during the implant placement procedure. Moreover most of our patients tells us that they didn't feel any post-op pain after the surgery.

How Long Does The Surgery Take?

Single Dental Implant procedures take approximately 15-20 minutes after the anaesthesia. Full Jaw Dental Implants surgery may take up to 3 hours.

Should I have my teeth removed and replaced with Dental Implants?

Tooth Removal for Dental ImplantsAccording to our dental implant enquiry statistics, considerable amount of people are thinking about having all of their healthy teeth removed and replaced with an implant supported dental bridge made of porcelain fused to metal or zirconia crowns. However, removing a tooth should be the last option to sort out dental problems.No dental prosthetics will feel as comfortable and natural as your healthy tooth. Of course, dental implants are the best options for replacing a missing, loose or badly damaged tooth. However, this does not mean that they are more comfortable than your natural tooth.

We have explained the situations where we keep or remove a tooth for dental implants on a different post in detail. 

How Long Do I Have To Wait After Implant Surgery?

Average time required for fusion between a dental implant and the jaw bone is approximately 3 months. During this period, you will have temporary dentures. Moreover, if the jaw bone quality is good, we fit the dentures & crowns during the first visit. This is a common procedure that we successfully perform on our patients who has healthy jaw bone.

Fusion time may be effected by the medical conditions and the technology used in the surface of the implant which will be placed. The fusion time might be increased especially for patients with diabetes.

There are different techniques such as PRGF which we commonly use for many cases in order to decrease the fusion time and improve the bone formation in the implantation area.


How Many Times Do I Need to Visit Turkey For Dental Implants?

You might need to visit Turkey once or twice. This depends on your jawbone quality and number of dental implants. • We are able to complete the whole process in a single visit. This procedure is called immediate loading. If our dentists finds it appropriate, we aim to complete the whole treatment in a single visit. • If you need to visit us twice, we won't leave you with no teeth. We provide free immediate temporary dentures on the next day of the surgery. On your next visit which should be done at least 3 months after the first visit, we will remove these temporary dentures and place the new bridge. Second visit can be finished in 4 days.

How long do I need to stay in Turkey for Dental Implants?

We advise our patients to stay 8 to 10 days for multiple dental implant placements. However, depending on the condition of jawbone, treatment can be completed earlier or later than this. Once we prepare a treatment plan to our patients, we will give details about the necessary length of stay.

Is it possible to have Dental Implants in one day?

As Esdent Dental Centre, we provide same day dental implants to our patients quite often. Once we place your implants, we take impressions in the same session and start preparing your teeth in our dental laboratory. Our in-house dental lab finishes the work in 24 hours and your dentures will be fit within 24 hours of the implant surgery. For more information about same day dental implants, read our blog post here.

Will there be a swelling on my face after Dental Implants?

It is hard to say yes or no to this question. After complicated surgical procedures and multiple implant placements, it is possible to have facial swelling for a couple of days. This also depends on the habits and medical conditions of a patient. A big percentage of our patients reported that there was no swelling or post-op pain at all after the surgery.

Dental Implant Brands

Esdent Dental Centre in Turkey provides different implant brand options to our patients. Available options include: • BTI • STRAUMANN • ADIN • TAG • NUCLEOSS


All-On-4 Dental Implants

All-On-4 dental implant system is the most cost effective method which allows us to restore an edentulous jaw with a fixed prosthesis. This procedure can be performed on a jaw that has widely loose or damaged teeth or on a jaw that has no teeth at all.

Our quotations include all stages and parts of the implant system and we do not charge extra for abutments.

How Is It Made?

Types of Dental Implant ProsthesisAll-On-4 system on a single jaw consists of 4 dental implants, 4 Multi-Unit implant abutments and a fixed denture which is attached to the implants by screws. We place two dental implants near the location of canines and 2 dental implants near the location of first molars to support the single-piece fixed denture.

Prosthesis Options

We have two restoration types that can be placed on top of Dental Implants; fixed dental bridge and fixed denture. Although a fixed dental bridge is more comfortable has more natural feeling than a fixed denture, it is recommended to use fixed dentures for all-on-4 system. Fixed bridges can be used when there are more implants, such as All-on-6 or All-on-8 systems.

All-On-4 System Treatment Duration

All-On-4 Implants can be completed within 24 hours.
1st Day: 4 Implants are placed during the surgery and impression taken to be sent to the dental lab. The total precedure takes approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour depending on the experience of the dentist and the requirement of advanced implant procedures.
2nd Day: Your denture will be ready on the next day morning. Once we attach them to your dental implants, you are ready to go.

Stitches Removal Time

In conventional Implant Procedures, we place non-resorbable stitches and wait for 1 week until your gums heal. Contrarily, on all-on-4 procedures, we complete the surgery with resorbable stitches. Therefore, our patients do not need to wait for 1 week to have their stitches removed.


Same Day Dental Implants in Turkey

According to our international patients, one of the biggest considerations before travelling abroad for Dental Implants is the duration of the treatment. Did you know that it is possible to have same day Dental Implants in Turkey dental clinics for up to 75% less than in the UK?

What does same day Dental Implants mean?

Before you proceed reading, we would like to give an initial information about same day dental implants. 'Same day dental implants' phrase applies for only the first phase of the treatment. It does not necessarily mean the completion of the whole procedure in just a single day. Practically it is doable. However, dental implant is not a "Place the implants and forget" procedure. This article applies for the first phase of the whole procedure, implantation and immediate loading of the temporary dentures, which is completed in 24 hours.

Single Dental Implant Turkey 

Conventional Dental Implant treatment in Turkey takes from 3 months to 1 year. The first phase normally takes 8 to 10 days and second phase takes 7 days. However, when the patients jawbone is suitable, it is possible to finish the first phase of the treatment in a single visit of 24 hours. Same day dental implants have a high success rate, as long as they are placed under suitable conditions (Good primary stability of implants, hygienic surgery environment etc.) by experienced dentists.

In this article we are going to explain advantages and disadvantages of this procedure.

Example Same Day Implants Case from November 2019

David's teeth with excessive bone resorption, before implants David (53) from the United Kingdom contacted us for dental implants. After understanding his expectations from the treatment and the state of his teeth, we prepared a treatment plan for him. He had excessive jaw-bone resorption, hence he lost many of his teeth. We included his remaining teeth with poor bone support in the dental implants treatment plan, which would probably last around another 4-5 years before getting loose.
On November, he travelled to our clinic with his wife for all-on-8 Dental Implants package, which will allow us to provide him with an aesthetic zirconium bridge after the completion of his waiting period. He also preferred to have the treatment under sedation, while he is sleeping. We performed 2 separate dental implant surgeries under sedation.

Implant Placement in the first day, with the healing caps

Appointments Plan:

Day 1: We placed 8 Dental Implants to the lower jaw under sedation and then took the impression for the temporary denture.
Day 2: We prepared and fitted the temporary denture to the lower jaw in less than 24 hours.
Day 3: Free.
Day 4: We placed 8 Dental Implants to the upper jaw under sedation again and took the impressions for temporary denture.
Day 5: We prepared and fitted the temporary denture to the upper jaw in less than 24 hours.
Day 6: Control

Photo taken after temporary dentures fitting.

David is using his temporary implant supported dentures without any problems, which will be replaced with the permanent zirconium bridge on February 2020, at the end of 3 months waiting period.

Watch David & Tracey's review about their treatment procedure in Esdent Dental Centre Turkey.

What is the main difference between conventional Dental Implants and same day Dental Implants?

Conventional Dental Implant Procedure in Turkey:
•First phase takes 8 to 10 days and second phase takes 7 days. First Phase Appointments: Implant placement (1st day), stitches removal (On 7th day), Impression (7th day), temporary denture (8th day). Second Phase: Impressions and preparation of the permanent metal/zirconia supported bridge.
•Non-resorbable stitches used
•At the end of the first phase, a fixed or non-fixed temporary denture will be given.

•The first phase of treatment is completed within 24 hours. Impression for temporary denture is taken at the end of the dental implant surgery.
•Punch technique used. Therefore no stitches.
•Requires good quality jaw bone and primary stability of the Dental Implant.
•No need for a second surgery at the second phase as the healing cap stage will be bypassed.
Fixed temporary dentures at the end of first visit.

Same Day Dental Implant Turkey

Extraction & Dental Implant treatment at the same appointment in Turkey (Immediate Implantation)

Following the extraction, it normally takes up to 3 months for extraction socket to heal. However, under suitable conditions, it is possible to place an implant immediately to the socket. Hence, patients will not have to wait for months to have their Dental Implant treatment done.

•It is mandatory to have a healthy bone and suitable root shape to have Immediate Dental Implant placement.
•Your dentist may find it necessary to apply bone grafts.
•Depending on the bone quality, it is possible to provide crown in 3 days(Immediate Loading) instead of dentures. However if the bone quality is not adequate, it is still possible to cover the gap with temporary removable denture.
•If your jaw is not suitable for Immediate Loading, you will wait 3 months until the Dental Implant fuses with the jawbone.
•A certain treatment planning for Immediate Dental Implants in Turkey can be made preferably after a CBCT 3D scan.

How many times do I need to travel for having Dental Implants in Turkey?

Dental Implant treatment in Turkey can take from 3 months to 1 year. This time varies for each patient and the only way to plan your visits to Turkey is to get in touch with your dentist in Turkey.

We strongly recommend to get a treatment plan before travelling to another country for dental treatment to avoid inconveniences.
Contact us to get a treatment plan before planning your journey.

Last Updated: 01/01/2020

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