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Gummy Smile Treatment in Turkey

Gummy smile is a condition that shows the gums excessively when smiling. It can be caused by short upper lip, strong smile muscles, short crown length or excessive gingival tissue. Although some people are happy with this as it makes their smile a bit more sincere, most of the people with this condition would like to get rid of the gummy smile.

Luckily, mild gummy smile can be fixed with 2 simple procedures in a single appointment. 

Gingivoplasty for Gummy Smile Treatment. Treatment of Gummy Smile Caused by Strong Smile Muscles:

When gummy smile is accompanied by strong smile muscles, we aim to make these muscles weaker in order to treat the condition. In Esdent Dental Centre Turkey, we do this by injecting botolinium toxin to the smile muscles that pulls the lips upwards excessively. It does not effect your smile in any negative way because onyl certain muscles are affected by the injection.

Botolinium toxin's effects start showing after 1 week of the injection and lasts up to 6 months to 1 year. 

Treatment of Gummy Smile Associated with Excessive Gingival Tissues or Short Crown Length:

When the gums are causing your teeth to look shorther and are visible when you smile, we perform the 'Gingivoplasty' procedure on your gums. Gingivoplasty is a procedure where your dentists remove the excess gingiva by a soft tissue laser or a blade. Diode laser is a bleeding free alternative of blades. Also, gingivoplasty and gingivectomy procedures performed by diode laser heals much faster than procedures done with blades. When we perform gingivoplasty by diode laser, it takes approximately 3 days for your gums to fully recover. In Esdent Dental Centre Turkey, we routinely use Diode Laser for soft tissue adjustments. 

Gingivoplasty + Botolinium Toxin Combination for Gummy Smile

In case of advanced gummy smile, we apply both of this procedures to fix the condition. Both procedures are completed in a single appointment of maximum 90 minutes.



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